Shyamal mila Duniya ko 😃

Bhaagy Khul Gaya papa Ko

Muskaan aa gyi Mumma Ko

Khilona mil gayi didi ko
jis din

Shyamal Mila Duniya Ko

Tarang mil Gaye har Dil Ko

Khubsurti Mili Surat ko

Gham Gujar Gaya Gujarat Ko

Jis din

Shyamal Mila Duniya Ko

Customer aaya salads Ko

Designer aaya kapdonko

Bhakt mil Gaya Sri Sri Ko

Jis din

Shyamal Mila Duniya Ko

Roop mil Gaya Dosti Ko

Chahra mil Gaya natkhat Ko

Pyar mil Gaya Bhagwati khandaan Ko

Jis din

Shyamal Mila Duniya Ko…

Mukti mile Shyamal Ko

Shakti mile Shyamal Ko

Keerti mile Shyamal Ko

Samruddhi mile Shyamal Ko

Mithai mile ham sab Ko 😂😂😂

ISS din

Shyamal Mila Duniya ko

Happy birthday Shyamal ! Continue to be the natural you!




The 3J love!

Have you ever seen the word MOM! The reverse would be WOW! As all mothers are, full form of mom would be ” made out of merry/mercy/moonlight! Like they are the ones we look at everytime we messed up things.. I used they because I have multiple mom’s. Though the mother is one and the best, there are few other women whom I give equal respect and love.

One such is Ramya Rajasekhar.. Embodiment of love and intelligence extremely funny and caring.. In fact one person I crave to be with atleast for a moment! A true guide and an extraordinary trainer.. An artist, a professional singer and micro biologist.. more than anything she is an amazing art of living teacher. It’s almost effortless and endless to describe what she really is..

Her music, her food, her words, her presence , her energy levels, she can refresh you in a million ways.. If u have to learn one thing from her it would be her openmindedness.. 

Third of July is when earth got it’s fav daughter.. I hope you will all join me to wish and bless my mom for even more beautiful and wonderful life ahead..

I love you Ramyamma.. 

 I am very fortunate to have you!

Every memory inspires me to do and be good.

You are mom in the real sense

Thank you so much for everything!

Happy birthday!




All the best to “simplicity”

It was 2007 and I was a hopeless student making blunders with all modern physics experiments, over confident and utter failure. Engineering education was way different from the Sri Chaitanya spoon feeding, knowledge was way different from books and subjects way away from my understanding.. 

In this dilemma and helplessness a helpful Telugu voice was soothing and comparable to Ilayaraja sir’s tune in the middle of a rock concert, Nayana Sri.. 
Fun times, weekend home food, Venu’s blood donation, seva discussions, silly gossips complaints on teachers, goals and group studies this is how the first 4 demisters passed and with some serious lessons learnt. 

Nayana is an extraordinary woman with extreme simplicity wit and stubborn values. She would do anything to help and support her friends and family.. Very traditional in thought and semi modern in looks.. Never really tries to impress anyone, competition yes show off no..

The fact that she has made a group of all our classmates in fb to invite for her wedding itself shows that integrity she could keep in her family.. 

Yes , Nayana Sri is getting married, shower all your blessings wishes,presents and love on the couple..

Happy married life Nayana, any help u need u can always ping me..

Lots of love for both of you


If I am not complete?

Annapurne sada purne
Sankara prana vallabhe
Gyana vyragya sidhyartham
Bhikshaam dehitcha parvati

The prayer before eating food says
Complete nutrition completes everything, gives energy(prana) to the self. To attain knowledge (gyaana) and dispassion (vyragya) give me food as much as I need oo mother devine.

So I eat to get energy, knowledge and dispassion. This completes everything.

Nothing else any material, person or situation can complete u.
You are born absolutely complete, every lack u have is feeling.. Feelings change but by nature you are complete.
Love outside can cause a sense of incompleteness but love for oneself is always complete.
If u are incomplete you are not natural and if you are not natural you crave for attention or get averse to it.
All spiritual journeys started at incompleteness and head towards completeness. Which is our nature.
Attachment cause incompleteness and dispassion gives you completeness.
All demands, expectations and needs give you incompleteness and knowledge gives you completeness.
Desease, feverishness and doubt gives you incompleteness and energy gives you completeness..
Life incomplete can’t be completed by people, things and results. But by energy, dispassion and knowledge.
You don’t have to change people in your life you just have to change your perception. You can save your mind when you are complete from inside.

Restrictions and love..!

A small child is trying to hold something hot something not good for his/her skin, immediately the mother tries to stop. It is left in confusion, mother has an experience of a burn child doesn’t. So it more curious to touch it now. The purpose of mother stopping it from doing a certain restriction was to save a child but if not explained properly it generally leads to the above situation.
When you love someone, you want them to be happy and grow.. Learning happens only with experience. It is really tough not to say .’no’ to your child or anyone whom you love, it’s nothing but a natural tendency to protect your loved ones from physical or emotional trauma. Little experience of pain will stop them from going there, then they need your guidance. Till then have patience.
Restrictions squeeze a person, they can only make the other person feel u are taking their space, limiting them and they will want to experiment the extremes of it.
Today’s teenagers turn ‘No’ face just because they are restricted.
Let life teach them, let love be not just for their protection but for their choices too.
I can’t control my own mind how can I control other’s. If everyone walks in my lines what is the uniqueness of their existence. I know, it is the fear that grips you. It’s natural too, see the positive side that, they really get strong.
They will learn, taking decisions, dealing with tough times and the love and respect for you is protected when given their space.
You don’t need to justify your restrictions if you have already imposed. It’s because of love, care and protection. But that’s destroying the same in the other side.
When I hold sand in my palm I can’t leave it too loose nor can I hold it too tight, both ways I will loose the sand.
I hope u got it.. we need to strike a balance.
Three types of parenting
1. Tamasic parenting
I say no for everything you say or ask
2. Rajasic parenting
I say yes for everything you say or ask
3. Sattvik parenting
I say choose what ever u want just know that I am available to help you and support you.
It’s important that the kids respect their elder one’s experience and elder one’s respect their kid’s intelligence.
Have a happy parenting.
Have a great time with your loved ones.

Srinivas ji! An ideal husband!

Marriage is a sacred institution, married people must learn from other person’s point of view, ideally. Sacred because it involves both love and respect as a whole hearted journey towards the higher self, ideally. That’s why in India, bride and groom are treated like goddess Lakshmi and Narayana respectively. There will be opinions and differences, it’s time to celebrate them.
I am fortunate to meet one such amazing couple. Open minded, not pampering not ignoring but giving space in relationship with divine love for each other. The praise and wonder they have for each other was unexplainable.
Meet Aruna didi born and brought up in interiors of Andhra. She had developed values of a ideal housewife and a responsibility of an ideal art of living teacher. I met her when her husband were to reach the other day in the same home where we were staying.. Her son is as old as me doing his article ships at Chennai. She wasn’t well but anounced curtain raiser for Wcf. I arrived to help her with the event and fund raising. It went on like any other event. She was so dynamic that she took courses in almost every district of AP. Woww I thought may be her husband is angry with this. Next morning when I met him my opinion changed.
Meet Srinivas ji , works for a company near vizianagaram busy job and pretty good position. Now my first shock was he took 15 day off to take care and  help didi for Wcf seva as she is not in full form to do it by herself. This man is something, he was soo light at heart and so deep into knowledge. Nothing’s really bothering him. His respect for her was so visible and his love for her was so expressive and vice versa. I enjoyed actually cherished his company. I would break into laughter every time he spoke something. The way he balances family life., I never really saw anybody so perfect. Positive constructive criticism, helping nature, unconditional love and enthusiasm are few of his awesome virtues. His faith in Sri Sri is the cherry on the cake or perhaps the raw material itself.

Such families build beautiful societies, such societies come close to build a one world family.
If working for Wcf has already left me in a wonder, meeting these angels. I can’t imagine the surprises waiting at the World culture festival.
Art of living families have a lot to learn from.
Come together we are one family.
See you at the World culture festival.

Dear parents – a teenage girl

Dear mamma n dadda,
I am not writing this to say that I am leaving you nor I am writing this to scare you about anything.
You both are the angels of my life, you made things easy for me at every step of my life, you took care of me, made me feel like a princess.
I am writing this to express to you my deep feelings which I don’t want to share with anybody else other than you both.
Now I am 17, I see you chatting with your friends all the time, I keep studying in my room, my mind is all about what you must be talking. You seem to be watching television and I sit with my assignments.
Till the time I was ten, my life was so easy, then I felt restricted to have only friends who are girls, though you never told me directly, I felt it.
Then, I shut off talking to guys slowly and made it almost zero by now. Now, I don’t even feel comfortable in presence of any guy, however I don’t know how to make friends with strangers who are boys and definitely can’t be comfortably working with them.
Thanks to the movies I see girls going behind guys on a bike, sometimes drink and hangout in parties. Though I don’t have any friends like that I feel like trying all that.
I know you would never agree and that’s why I felt like breaking rules of the house, waiting for the time I am alone with friends or at home ..  But now I find it no point, I know you both are proud about me and knowing this you may crash down.
Mamma, u always said no but never really explain I saw many of my friends who have a guy friend they are not going through tough phase, but yes they have a temptation to break the boundaries at some point.
May be you should have taught me balance and control of the mind not keep aloof of a big huge part of mankind males. I understand your intention to protect me but..
But I still love you, more than anyone else in this world..
If you can please consider this suggestions of your immature daughter you can be my best friends and also the best parents. You can be my role models.
Thank you for this life I will make the most of it.
Lots of love (unexpressed),
Your princess.


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